Obesity Not Always Risk of Diabetes

4 Januari 2017


Excess weight, overweight , or obese , obviously is unhealthy because it increases the risk of various diseases , especially diabetes . But new research shows obese people are not necessarily destined to develop diabetes , it depends on what part of the body where fat is stored.

In a study on mice in the laboratory revealed that rats given plenty to eat so obese they can be free from diabetes . According to the conclusions of experts , independent of diabetic obese mice caused by active two hormones that make excess fat is not stored in the section of heart muscle or liver , but in the fat tissue.

" What happens in mice was basically also showed that people who have the ability to store excess calories consumed in adipose tissue ( fat ) , conditions will be much healthier , " said Philipp Scherer , a researcher from the Center for Diabetes Research , University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, USA.

Furthermore, he explained , if the fat is not stored in adipose tissue , it will be stored in the liver and muscles are significantly causes insulin resistance which eventually lead to diabetes . According to him , as it does in mice , human genetic factors play a role in the metabolism of the body to store excess fat . " A lot of people who were obese but did not have type 2 diabetes, " he said

Even so Scherer did not advise anyone to take it easy when his body began to obesity . Because like it or not , the biggest factor of diabetes are obesity and lack of exercise . Uncontrolled diet without balancing exercise will only take a person is a diabetic who would disrupt the quality of life throughout the lifespan .


Source: www.kompas.com