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ENDOSKIN - Overnight Beauty Patch

Endoskin - Overnight Beauty Patch


Self-filling of the Hyaluronic Acid Patch for quick "volume" effect:

• Safe and effective anti wrinkle effect

• Safe and economical professional skin care effect

• Quick effects for special occasions

• Repair and moisturize the skin

• Can be used to treat wrinkles, dark circles and dry skin


The cross-linked form of Hyaluronic Acid (CLHA) has been patented. CLHA is a form of hyaluronic acid that has been successfully modified into a preparation that easily absorbs into the skin and lasts longer.


Benefits of CLHA over other HA products:

• The effects that arise are maximal

• Last longer. Tests prove CLHA has a half-life of up to 4 days, while other HA products are only around 24 hours.

• Has a fast effect. Within 4 hours of use, wrinkles on the face fade so that the face looks younger.