Stroke Staking Diabetes Sufferers

4 Januari 2017


Not only hypertension ( high blood pressure ) , diabetes mellitus (diabetes ) can also cause a stroke . Compared to those without diabetes despite having more risk factors , people with diabetes ( diabetics ) have the highest risk for stroke .

Prof Dr Teguh Asaad Suhatno Ranakusuma SPS ( K ) , professor of the Section of Neurology Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia ( Faculty of medicine ) said that diabetes is a major factor for stroke. That's because diabetes can cause blockage of the blood vessels in the brain which in turn can cause cell and tissue death in the brain.

Diabetes can also increase the amount of free radicals in the blood . This increase will have an impact on the occurrence of oxidative stress . Oxidative stress is a risk factor for hardening and thickening of the blood vessels . Blood vessels harden and thicken , apparent head of the Division of Neuro - oncology Department of Neurology Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital ( RSCM ) , will inhibit the rate of blood circulation or even block blood flow .

" When the blockage occurs in a blood vessel in the brain could potentially lead to stroke , '' said Teguh in a seminar held by PT Fortune Star Indonesia in collaboration with the Lions Club Cosmopolitan Jakarta in Jakarta , some time ago . In various litetur stated , diabetes is a condition of excessive blood sugar levels ( hyperglycemia ) that is accompanied by a variety of chronic metabolic disorders due to hormonal disturbances in the body . It was triggered by a less active insulin production of Langerhans cells in the pancreas gland .

Less active insulin production can be caused by a shrinking number of insulin -producing cells after a person is born ( congenital or hereditary ) , could also be due to a virus attack or degenerative diseases . However , there are also people who have diabetes although enough insulin production . This is because the body's reaction to the presence of insulin less efficient , so that the body can not oxidize glucose into energy.

This condition usually affects middle-aged and above, due to the aging factor , lack of exercise , and obesity . In addition to potentially causing stroke , diabetes can also cause serious health problems , such as hardening of the arteries , blindness , kidney disease , and even kidney failure .

2000 data from the World Health Organization ( WHO ) show , there are more than 46 million diabetics in 10 countries in Asia . Based on these data , India ranks first in the number of patients as much as 31.7 million in 2000 and is estimated to reach 79.44 million in 2030. Indonesia was second with 8.42 million people in 2000 and will reach 21.25 million in 2030.

Stroke cases continue to rise

As with diabetes , the incidence of stroke worldwide are increasing. In 2002 , WHO estimates that stroke patients throughout the world in 1990 amounted to approximately 38 million people will skyrocket to 61 million people by 2020. It is estimated that every year there are approximately 15 million new stroke patients . In addition , a stroke caused 5.7 million people died in 2005 , and is expected to increase to 6.5 million by 2015 and 7.8 million by 2030.

Stroke occurs due to brain tissue damage caused by the reduction or interruption of blood supply suddenly . Brain tissue in this condition will die and can not function anymore . Simply put , a stroke occurs when blood flow to the brain is cut off due to a blood vessel in the brain becomes blocked or ruptures . In fact , the brain is highly dependent on a continuous supply of blood that flowed by the arteries ( the arteries).

Stroke , according to True , must be addressed immediately. Immediate action is necessary because the brain cells do not have antibodies that can cope with damaged cells . Therefore, people who show symptoms of a stroke should be immediately taken to the nearest hospital emergency room . ' ' Examination and proper treatment can prevent complications , kecatatan , even death . ' '

The common symptoms of a stroke are sudden numbness or numbness, weakness or stiffness in the face, hands , especially on the part of the body . Another symptom is difficulty speaking , blurred vision or a sudden decline in the power of vision in one or both eyes , sudden trouble swallowing , dizziness , and loss of balance . ' ' Severe headaches , sudden and obvious reason could also be a sign of a stroke , ' ' Teguh explained.

Stroke , said Teguh , not only caused by one factor . Many factors could cause disorders such as heart disease, hypertension , and diabetes . Is there a way for diabetics avoid a stroke ? On this, Teguh advised to implement a healthy lifestyle , including diet and physical activity , so that the blood sugar levels under control. If you smoke , stop the bad habit .